You must register and pay online at . Registrations generally open from the 1st August. **Active Kids NSW Vouchers are accepted**

Age group will be determined by the age the athlete turns in the calendar year (i.e. age as at 31 December, 2020). Click here for age details.


$125 (if paid between 1st August and 4th September)

$140 (if paid after 4th September)

Club shirt and merchandise must be purchased directly from our supplier SportsMagic.

There will be no refund of registration fees as a large part of this fee is passed on to LANSW to cover insurance and general operation costs.

After registering and paying online you must attend an open day at Kindlebark Oval to collect your athlete pack. All parents must complete a Working with Children Check. All NEW competitors must bring along a proof of age document.

This is also an opportunity to participate in a tour of the oval and some of the events.

The Open Days are : -

(CANCELLED) Wednesday 12th August 5pm - 7pm (CANCELLED)

Sunday 16th August 10am - 12pm

Sunday 23rd August 10am - 12pm

We have a uniform that everyone is expected to wear that consists of Medowie Little Athletics black shorts, T-shirt or singlet. All uniform orders are to be made through SportsMagic. Orders made before the start of the season will be sent directly to the club - this will save on postage charges.

Online Uniform Shop



Three cloth numbers and a sponsor patch are to be firmly attached to the uniform (preferably by sewing) in set locations. These numbers are placed on the T-Shirt or upper half of the crop top, so they are clearly visible at all times. The borders of the patches must also be visible.

  • Athlete Registration Number -  A large cloth number located fully and entirely on the front and Centre of the uniform top. Do not trim Sponsors name from the patch.
  • Age Group Number - A small cloth age group number located on the front of the uniform at the upper left hand side, or front left hand side of the shorts.
  • Sponsor Patch - to be determined by the club depending on size of path supplied by the sponsor.
  • Visual instructions can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to ask any club official for advice in the preparation of the uniform.